Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw flying over grassy area

Can you name the largest Parrot in the world?

If you guessed the Scarlet Macaw, you’re correct.  A Scarlet Macaw from the Beak to it’s Tail, can measure up to be as long as 33 inches.

An interesting fact about the Scarlet Macaw is…they can eat toxic fruits that could kill other animals.

Scarlet Macaw’s have strong Beaks that can break hard nuts found in the Rainforest.  

What is the largest bird you’ve ever seen?  Please tell me in a comment.

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Blue Morpho Butterfly

What insect can fly while flapping it’s beautiful identical wings?

If you guessed the Blue Morpho Butterfly, you’re correct.  It is a very beautiful creature. 

The Blue Morpho Butterfly has the exact same pattern on each wing, just like every other Butterfly.

Surprisingly, the pretty blue color on the Blue Morpho Butterflies wings is not actually blue.  The light reflects off the actual brown scales making it look blue.

The Blue Morpho Butterfly is a beautiful creature, what would you do if you spotted one.  Please tell me in a comment.




Do you know the slowest animal in the world?

If you guessed the Sloth, you’re correct.  One of the cutest animals also happens to be the Sloth in my opinion. 

One of the types of Sloth that lives in the Amazon Rainforest is, the Three Toed Sloth.

Sloths may be really slow, but are surprisingly excellent swimmers.  

Sloths matter a lot to the Tropical Rainforest, like the Amazon Rainforest because they are an important part to it’s ecosystem.  

What do you think it would be like to hold a Sloth?  Please tell me in a comment.



Brazil | Capybara, Brazil animals, Baby capybara

Can you name the largest rodent in the world?

If you guessed the Capybara you’re correct.  The Capybara can weigh up to 175 pounds.

Capybaras are adapted to life in water and on land.

The Capybara is unfortunately endangered.  WWF is helping the Capybaras by collecting donations and then in return people get a virtual adoption.  For more information on donating click on this link. Virtual Adoption: Capybara

Do you know any other animals that are endangered?  If you do, please tell me in a comment.

Amazon Manatees

Did you know that Amazon Manatees are vegetarians?

A vegetarian does not eat meat.  Amazon manatees drink water and eat lettuce and hyacinth. If you’re wondering what a hyacinth is click on this Link.

Examples of other animals that are vegetarians are Snow Gooses, Dugongs, and Rhinos.

My teacher is a vegetarian, but has a hard time finding things to eat at school.

Do you know any foods that are ok for vegetarians to eat?  If you do please tell me in a comment.



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